The homes and land for sale in Florey's Ranch present a lifestyle opportunity unavailable anywhere else.

Florey's Ranch is unique for many reasons -- the sheer size of the development . . . 477 acres and the size of the individual parcels, along with its absolute beauty, make it stand out from any other land offering in Northern Michigan today.

When you choose Florey's Ranch for your "Up North" home, you'll be able to enjoy all that our northern Michigan lifestyle has to offer - northern forest land, hills, valleys, and views of distant lakes.

Florey's Ranch is truly a physical and aesthetic treasure.  It's a place where you can get away to complete privacy yet remain close to everything. 

The History of Florey's Ranch

In the late 1800s, large tracts of land were homesteaded, farmed and timbered by horse drawn equipment. One area pioneer preserved this period of time as well as his land, describing the heritage in his book, Born Lucky. In this book the author refers to his favorite horse, Florey.

Florey's Ranch evolved as part of our endeavor to preserve as much of the old character of this beautiful land as possible. To that end many of the street names refer to local landmarks; for example "Horton Creek".

As the land was developed with horse drawn equipment, it is still used by the "Shore to Shore" trail riding enthusiasts. The ranch theme seemed fitting for this rare piece of land which offers estate size parcels in order to preserve a feel of times gone by. For more information, E-Mail Howard Vogel at Hearth Stone Land and Homes, the company with "Heart" in it.

To schedule a tour of Florey's Ranch please contact Howard Vogel by email or by calling                       231-632-0777. 

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